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Vibratory Feeders: Multipak Fast Back Vibratory Feeder

Image of the Multipak Fast Back Vibratory Feeder
Width 55 cm
Height 70 cm
Length 210 cm
Weight 250 kg
Availability Manufactured to Order
Condition Brand New
Brand Multipak
Model MPFB1

Multipak Fast Back Vibratory Feeder

About the Multipak Fast Back Vibratory Feeder
Purchase Price:£8500.00 (Ex.VAT)
Status:Manufactured to Order, Brand New


The fast back vibratory feeder is suitable for moving dry snacks such as chips, frozen foods, sweets, nuts and many more food and non-food products. The product is gently moved by the vibrations so it eliminates product breakage. The vibrator is waterproof so is very easy to clean and maintain. It is constructed from stainless steel which makes it hygienic and excellent for extreme environments. The pan length can be manufactured to the required size usually from 1800mm to 3500mm. The pan width is 410mm and is 100mm deep which is suitable for most products. This feeder is capable of moving 10000 litres of product per hour.

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