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Linear Weigher: Multipak Titan 2 Lane Linear Weigher - SL2L8

Image of the Multipak Titan 2 Lane Linear Weigher - SL2L8
Width 78 cm
Height 92 cm
Length 130 cm
Weight 250 kg
Availability Manufactured to Order
Condition Brand New
Speed Up to 10 weights per minute
Brand Multipak
Model Titan SL2L8

Multipak Titan 2 Lane Linear Weigher - SL2L8

About the Multipak Titan 2 Lane Linear Weigher - SL2L8
Status:Manufactured to Order, Brand New


The Multipak Titan 2 Lane 2 teir Linear Weigher has 2 vibratory feed tray for each weigher and has seperate fine feed tray for greater accuracy on large or awkward shaped products.Designed specifically for weighing regular shaped dried food products such as tea, sugar, coffee powder or beans, seeds, nuts, rice, pasta, milk powder, spices and confectionery and other food and non-food products. This linear weigher has one layer of feed pans so the flow of products can be precisely controlled. This weigher has two lanes which can weigh up to 10 weighs per minute. Depending on the product, the weighing accuracy is between 1g and 3g and can discharge between 50g and 5kg. The large weigh hopper can hold up to 8 litres. A foot pedal or the 7-inch colour touch screen can control the discharge. The weigher can also be run with a bagging machine to automate the weighing and packing process fully.

Standard Features

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