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Bagging Machines (VFFS): Gainsborough VFFS GV2K1 (Bagging Machine)

Image of the Gainsborough VFFS GV2K1 (Bagging Machine)
Width 100 cm
Height 125 cm
Length 150 cm
Weight 450 kg
Availability In Stock
Condition Used
Speed Up to 75 bags per minute
Bag Width 50 to 240 mm
Bag Length 60 to 300 mm
Brand Gainsborough
Model GV2k1
Year 2009

Gainsborough VFFS GV2K1 (Bagging Machine)

About the Gainsborough VFFS GV2K1 (Bagging Machine)
Status:In Stock, Used


Gainsborough bagging machines are designed, manufactured, assembled and wired in the UK.

The GV2K1 bagger is constructed from hi-tensile stainless steel for prolonged life and can be set up to suit a wide range of options and production configurations. It can work alongside auger fillers, weighers, counters and additionally have labellers, date coders and vision inspection integrated.

You can pack up to 60 units per minute with a minimum bag size of 5cm x 6cm, and maximum bag size of 20xm x 22.5cm, handling both laminate or polythene.

Features and options:
- Constructed from stainless steel
- Semi or fully automatic film tracking
- Heat seal, poly seal or combined
- Film splicing
- Film run out advanced warning
- Splash covers
- Tear Perforations
- Double pull bag length
- Gusseting
- Servo drive belts
- Gas flushing
- Overprinting
- Automatic labelling
- Bag shaker
- Motor driven film unwinder
- Multiple jaw options
- Block bottom
- Inner tube for improved product flow
- Static eliminator
- Servo drive jaws
- Film splicing unit

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