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Bagging Machines (VFFS): Multipak Super 240 VFFS (Bagging Machine)

Image of the Multipak Super 240 VFFS (Bagging Machine)
Width 95 cm
Height 120 cm
Length 130 cm
Availability Manufactured to Order
Condition Brand New
Speed 50bpm
Film Width 400 mm
Bag Width 60-190 mm
Bag Length 50-240 mm
Brand Multipak
Model Super 240

Multipak Super 240 VFFS (Bagging Machine)

About the Multipak Super 240 VFFS (Bagging Machine)
Status:Manufactured to Order, Brand New
Tags:New   In Stock   


Overall the Super 240 basic VFFS bagging machine is an affordable, reliable and quality packaging solution for small to medium packing operations. The user interface has been specially designed to be user friendly, ergonomic and simple to use. Large buttons and a simple Start and Stop interface make operation easy and comfortable for even the most novice of users. Additional functions have also been added such as a bag counter that will automatically stop the machine after a target number of bags has been filled. Affordable for short term packing requirements and start-up businesses. Very simple machine to use and run. Require no previous knowledge of machines or operation experience. High quality, reliable machines will easily run for extended periods with no loss of quality or accuracy. Can be run by one person providing an automated feed system is used. This is also available in 2 other sizes for doing larger bags. See the Multipak Super 300 VFFS (Bagging Machine) and Multipak Super 380 VFFS (Bagging Machine) OPTIONAL FEATURES Gas flushing Hole Punch/Euro Slot device Chain Bag device Tear Notch device Air expeller Gussett device


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