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Bagging Machine (VFFS): Multipak Rapid 190 VFFS (Bagging Machine)

Image of the Multipak Rapid 190 VFFS (Bagging Machine)
Width 95 cm
Height 120 cm
Length 130 cm
Weight 400 kg
Availability Manufactured to Order
Condition Brand New
Speed Up to 100 bags per minute
Film Width Up to 400 mm
Bag Width From 60 to 190 mm
Bag Length From 50 to 230 mm
Brand Multipak
Model Rapid 190

Multipak Rapid 190 VFFS (Bagging Machine)

About the Multipak Rapid 190 VFFS (Bagging Machine)
Status:Manufactured to Order, Brand New
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The Multipak Rapid 190 VFFS bagging/sealing machine is a high speed, reliable and quality packaging solution.

Ideal for packing food products like crisps, nuts, dried fruits, snacks, grains, lentils, rice, cheese, coffee beans, cereals etc, this machine is also a more than capable machine for packing non-food products.

The Multipak Rapid baggers/sealers are built to a high specification for speed and reliability, designed to deliver efficiency and improve productivity. The user interface/touchscreen has a shallow learning curve meaning operators can be up to speed with operation in a short time.

Standard Features
- Easy reel change to centralises the reel
- Digital user interface/touch screen can position the film left and right and move the seal and cut for a printed film with an eye mark
- Set the sealing temperatures and sealing pressure using the touchscreen interface
- This machine can be linked to an automatic filling system for optimum speed or operated with a foot pedal for hand feeding products

If a larger bagging capacity is required, please see the other two VFFS machines in the Rapid range; the Multipak Rapid 240 VFFS Bagging Machine or the Multipak Rapid 300 VFFS Bagging Machine.

Option Features 
- Nitrogen Gas Flushing
- Hole Punch/Euro Slot
- Device Tear Notch Device
- Air Expeller
- Gusset Device Bag Support
- PE Sealing System
- Vacuum Device
- Flip Device
- Chain Bags with Perfs
- Quad Pack Device
- Static Eliminator

Standard Features

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